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 Embodied Practice 

Twin Cities Mussar acknowledges the need for texts that represent the diversity of the human experience and looks forward to sharing these sources as they emerge. Teachings, prayers, meditations and stories related to Mussar can be found in many contemporary texts and prayer books. 


Modern Texts

This list does not include all modern texts that discuss Mussar, but is a sample of some 

frequently referenced ones.


  • R’ Ira Stone - In Search of the Holy Life: Rediscovering the Kabbalistic Roots of Mussar (2019)

  • R’ Barry Block - The Mussar Torah Commentary: A Spiritual Path to Living a Meaningful and Ethical Life (2019)

  • R' David Jaffe - Changing the World from the Inside Out: A Jewish Approach to Personal and Social Change (2016)

  • Alan Morinis - With Heart in Mind: Mussar Teachings to Transform Your Life (2014)

  • Alan Morinis - Everyday Holiness: The Jewish Spiritual Path of Mussar (2008)

  • R' Ira Stone - A Responsible Life: The Spiritual Path of Mussar (2006)

  • R' Hilell Goldberg - The Fire Within: The Living Heritage of the Mussar Movement (1987)


Classic Texts

This list does not include all Mussar books, but does identify the key works in the Mussar tradition.

List generated by The Mussar Institute.


  • Sa’adia Gaon - Sefer Deot v’Emunot / The Book of Beliefs and Opinions (933)

  • R’ Bahya ibn Paquda - Chovot Ha’Levavot / Duties of the Heart (1080)

  • R’ Shlomo ibn Gabirol - Tikkun Middot Ha’Nefesh / Improvement of the Traits of the Soul (1045)

  • R’ Moshe ben Maimon - Shmoneh Perakim / Eight Chapters (1168)

  • Avraham ben HaRambam - Ha’Maspik l’Ovdei HaShem / Guide to Serving God (1230)

  • Rabenu Yonah Gerondi - Shaarei Teshuvah / Gates of Repentance (1250)

  • Yechiel ben Yekutiel - Ma'alot ha-Middot / Book of Higher Virtues (1298)

  • Anonymous - Orchot Tzaddikim / Ways of the Righteous (1540)

  • R’ Moshe Cordovero - Tomer Devorah / Palm Tree of Deborah (1588)

  • R’ Moshe Chaim Luzzatto - Messilat Yesharim / Path of the Just (1740)

  • R’ Menahem Mendel Leffin - Cheshbon Ha’Nefesh / Accounting of the Soul (1811)

  • R’ Eliezer Papo - Pele Yoetz / Wonderous Advisor (1824)

  • R’ Yisrael Salanter - Ohr Yisrael / the Light of Israel (1890)

  • R’ Yosef Yozel Hurwitz - Madregas ha’Adam / The Levels of Man (n.d., lived 1848-1919)

  • R’ Nosson Zvi Finkel - Ohr Ha’Tzafon/ The Hidden Light (n.d., lived 1849-1927)

  • R. Simcha Zissel Ziv - Chochmah u’Mussar / Wisdom and Mussar (1957)

  • R’ Eliyahu Dessler - Michtav mi’Eliyahu / Strive for Truth! (1959/1983/2016)

  • R’ Yerucham Levovitz - Da’as, Chochmah u’Mussar / Knowledge, Wisdom and Mussar (1969)

  • R’ Elya Lopian - Lev Eliyahu / Elijah’s Heart (1975)

  • R’ Shlomo Wolbe - Alei Shur (1968/1998) (not yet available in English)


  • Edith Brotman - Mussar Yoga: blending an Ancient Jewish Spiritual Practice with Yoga to Transform Body and Soul (2014)

  • Diane Bloomfied - Torah Yoga: Experiencing Jewish Wisdom Through Classic Postures (2004)



An 11 minute entertaining video that tells a brief history of Mussar and its modern resurgance.

An 11 minute entertaining video that tells a brief history of Mussar and its modern resurgence.

Our new 20 minute inspiring documentary celebrating the growth of a vibrant Mussar community in Minnesota's Twin Cities.

Books and Texts

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