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An inspiring 20 minute documentary film celebrating the growth of a vibrant Mussar community in Minnesota's Twin Cities. Mussar study and practice give the learner a living language to understand and develop their inner life, interpersonal relationships and the ethics that serve as a compass in everyday living. In Minneapolis/St. Paul, an increasing number of congregations and Jewish organizations are integrating Mussar into their innovative Jewish education programs for both adults and youth. Throughout a Mussar course, participants frequently report an experience of deepening their connections with others, with their inner lives and with their personal Jewish spirituality. Mussar may also be described as a Jewish spiritual practice of personal transformation for the sake of a better world, by helping participants live with their behaviors in greater alignment with their heartfelt values. Mussar participants gather in small groups, which become close communities that support one another in the development of their inner character traits, known as middot. This pathway of conscious living, brings forth time-honored wisdom that is now being confirmed in the fields of character development, psychology, and neuroplasticity. You will feel the shared, positive impact that Mussar creates throughout a community and hear from local leaders. This film features clergy and participants from Reform Judaism, Conservative Judaism, and Reconstructionist Judaism. To learn more, please visit our website at: Julie Dean, Founder of Twin Cities Mussar, has over 30 years of experience as a facilitator of groups and individuals seeking to live full and meaningful lives. Julie provides advanced Mussar facilitator training/mentorship, leads local and national Mussar groups, provides workshops/teaching and helps form new organizational partnerships focused on Mussar learning and practice. Julie is inspired by how people experience positive transformation in their lives and relationships by applying insightful Jewish wisdom to the moments of their daily lives. She credits her own Mussar practice with helping her live a life with greater alignment between her behaviors, attitudes and values, resulting in more joy and connection. Julie finds great meaning in helping others connect with this incredible Jewish pathway of learning and growth. Film credits: Director: Noah Keathly Produced by: Julie Dean & Noah Keathly Cinematography: Noah Keathly, Azrael Tietge Starring: Julie Dean, Rabbi Tobias Divack Moss, Rabbi Adam Stock Spilker, Rabbi Debra Rappaport, Cantro Audrey Abrams, Rabbi Harold Kravitz, Amanda Roll-Kuhne, Michael Kuhne, Sara Lynn Newberger, Adara Robbins, Alanna Gibbs, Andrea Singer, Barry Epstein, Diane Neumark-Sztainer, Hector Sztainer, Julie Jacobs, Kate Sinkahone, Laurel Riedel, Liba Zweigbaum-Herman, Linda Lowenstein, Lisa Hurtubise, Margie Abrahamson, Taylor Sztainer

Living Mussar Podcast

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